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Order now! Opoerators are standing by.


A short film by Scott Cummins

Presenting the first appearance of the Solar-Man in an comedy adventure! Available for the low price of only 10 dollars (including shipping and handling--honest!)

It's a offer!

Just click here:

... you'll be whisked off to our secure purchasing site, (NOTE: if you don't have a PayPal account, click the "continue" link to pay with a major credit card)

Not convinced? Here's what you get!

  • An actual screenshot from the actual film!

    A beautiful DVD cover made of the finest plastic that China has to offer!
  • A moving, functional button that you depress to release the disc from it's case! (It's fun!)
  • A custom-printed, hand-inserted DVD sleeve and stick-on disc label completed by the director himself!
  • A free, "Care and feeding of your DVD-R disc" sleeve insert! IT'S FREE!
  • Postage is included in the price! ("Holy sh*t!") (domestic shipments only)
  • A DVD-R disc containing (are you ready for THIS?!):
    • The 7-minute 42 second movie short itself (in cinematic widescreen!)
    • Director and screenwriter commentary
    • Behind-the-scenes ACTION
    • Scene selection
    • ... and MORE! (maybe)

The Case of
The Mysterious Stranger
Starship Exeter

Kelly D:
Afterlife Consultant

A 'Star Trek' fan-film
directed by Scott Cummins

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